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Not totally sure if this is appropriate, or if it has been done before by others: combining your professional and personal life on one site, but I figure there is already a ton of "about me" type information on this site - so why not add more. Plus, potential clients like transparency (I think) and content is king (the more the better).

Free Your Legs, VCI

Vein Care Institute Video Production

Mid 2010 I began video production work with Mackey Saturday for his client the Vein Care Institue, their website is

Journey Logo Carved in Pumpkin

Last weekend my wife Tammi and I carved pumpkins with Brent ( and his wife Meghan. My pumpkin - on the left is the Journey Multimedia logo carved on the front of the pumpkin.

Testing SimpleFeed Module

Testing out the simple feed module, finding it to be a bit tedious. Yikes!

Mogulus Studio

This is a funky new online broadcasting system. The web-based stream controller allows you to stream a playlist of pre-programmed content. When you are ready to go live you can switch the video in real time to a webcam or other video device to broadcast to your audience.

Switching to Digital TV

In case you have been living in a cave and haven't heard about the switch to Digital TV in 2009, here is what you need to know: All of the analog, over-air television broadcasts are already being switched over to a digital over-air broadcast and in February 2009 the analog signal will be shut off.

Comcast's usage cap is official!

So, before I get into why this sucks and what this is going to do to the future of the internet, here is the official email that I got today:

(click here to Skip it)

Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Customer,

Watch Russian Television

Hey everyone, just for you I have enabled you to view this amazing feed of Russian television for absolutely free!


Trying out this new web application called Photosynth - it's a microsoft app, so I am pretty sure that it requires their little plugin to be installed on your browser. Despite what I think about their pluggin (ugh) you should really check this interactive 3d picture thingy - it's amazing and has amazing potential.

Greeley Block Party

After working hard in Houston I flew home to catch the Block Party - which is run and hosted by the people of Atlas ( The party was a total success - hundreds of people showed up (probably thousands) to see 36 bands on 4 stages.

The Block Party was compared by some to the Greeley Stampede - the only other event in Greeley. I have attached lots of pictures.

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