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Placing Secondary Links in a Block

When designing a custom theme I sometime want to put the set of secondary, or sub-page links, inside of a block in the sidebar. The secondary links are the children of the primary links, which you designate when creating the links.

Category / Taxonomy term links list

UPDATE: Yes, you now can use views to create a list of taxonomy terms. Updated versions of views allow you to choose the view type -which is no longer limited to 'node', you can now select from several different types of 'views' output - excellent!

If you, like me, thought that you could use the "views" module to create a list of all of the taxonomy terms in a certain category - you can't. Views only displays lists of nodes. So, here is the snippet of code that you need to create to that list of links (you could put it in a block):

TinyMCE - Excluding textboxes

These are the text boxes that I have excluded by default so far. It would be easier to just include the ones that you want - but that's not the way it's setup.

As I find more module specific text boxes that I want excluded, I will update the script here.

Maximum File Size

I always forget how to fix the maximum file size for uploading on drupal. Simply add this to your .htaccess file (which goes in the main folder of your drupal installation):

  php_value  upload_max_filesize  75M
  php_value  post_max_size  75M
  php_value  memory_limit  32M

or this for your php.ini file

 upload_max_filesize  = 75M
 post_max_size  = 75M
 memory_limit  = 32M

Registered Globals

Getting a registered globals issue when trying to install a drupal site on the 1and1.com shared hosting environment. Simple fix - should have written it down earlier, but resolved simply by adding the following code to the .htaccess file that is preset with the drupal site:

AddType x-mapp-php5  .php

First and Last Classes

This little chunk of code should be handy:

This will allow me to add first and last classes to menu items that are in blocks - which if I get this project that I am thinking of (where the designer is super anal) I can utilize this code:

Users can't edit pages when logged in.

Having an awesome issue with pages not being editable when logged in under my clients user account. Tried a million things - but it doesn't have anything to do with the access control or roles - its bizarre - and I still don't get it, but this is what I found:


SEO for Taxonomy Views

I noticed that for one of my clients website the search engine output had really poor page descriptions for all of the taxonomy / category views. The Drupal default taxonomy output only has the name of the taxonomy term, but no description by default.


Module: Simple Menu VS. Admin Menu

For simplicity sake, and the sanity of myself and my clients I have decided to start developing all new drupal client sites with the Simple Menu module. Simple Menu takes the default authenticated user navigation (typically on the left block) and places it along the top of the page - works great with any theme and looks really clean and slick.

Site Updates

Reminder to Philip, you need to add these modules / make these updates to your website

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