Must Have Drupal Modules, and Themes

I thought that Drupal Beginners might benefit from this list of modules that I use regularly in all of my Drupal Projects.

It's easy to find these drupal modules by visiting

As always, remember to read the documentation on these modules. Most are solid, some required other modules to run, and a few require additional libraries in order to function. That is not documented here:


  • admin menu
  • captcha and captcha pack
  • cck
  • date (date api)
  • devel (theme developer module, tells you how to override theme functions - OVERRIDE, NEVER HACK CORE)
  • ffcp (for podcasting)
  • filefield (cck addon)
  • gmap (views addon)
  • google analytics
  • imagefield (cck addon, different than image module)
  • lightbox2
  • location (geocoding and location capture)
  • int meta (integrated meta tags - automates meta tags)
  • node words (also known as meta, poorer version of meta tags)
  • Meta-Tags and Meta-Tags Node Type (auto-generate meta content)
  • pathauto (seo tool)
  • render (works with sIFR to make awesome text)
  • smtp (send all your site messages with smtp)
  • swftools (add flash to your site)
  • tinymce
  • FCK Editor (more features/support than tinyMCE now)
  • token (works with and required by tons of modules)
  • views (must have)
  • webform
  • xmlsitemap

Also look into:

  • FeedAPI
  • FeedAPI Mapper

Starter themes (stripped down, for designing your own):

  • Basic (a branch of zen, easier)
  • Zen (complicated)