Importing and Exporting XML data with Views and FeedAPI

Before I forget to post about it, I wanted to write about importing and exporting data using drupal, the Feed API, Views Data Source and the RDF Project (which I still need to investigate).

Hopefully if you are looking for a way to move data from one Drupal site to another or need to generate XML data from nodes within your site and have found your self scratching your head you will find this post

It looks like XML is already on it's way out (or at least in some form) which is likely why the amount of support for generating "XML" feeds is very little. The future is RDF (see:

Using views you can output nodes, a useful feature if you are just a blogger, but if you want field specific output of your node data (likely if you are using cck), your only option (that I have found) is the Views Datasource module (see: Unfortunately this module hasn't been updated in months, and doesn't play nice with the latest views2 for drupal v.6. To get it up and running I've dug through the forums and found a few patches, but it's still not exactly what I am looking for.