Drupal 6

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Lightbox2 hiding or disabling flash when it loads

I recently had an issue with flash widgets, particularly the dynamic rendering module, being disabled when the lightbox launched/opened. I originally thought that this was an attribute of javascript and flash incompatibility or a layering issue (which is usually the case).

Upon clicking a thumbnail, the lightbox transition would begin and immediately the flash would disappear or be hidden.

Drupal Login/Logout Caching problem

I have intermittently experienced an issue with several of my drupal sites in which after logging out of the site the content still appears as if I were logged in. Pages would still appear editable, blocks that should only be seen by authenticated users could still be seen. A fix (that is in the works) can be found here: http://drupal.org/node/197786#comment-1218604

Audio MP3 podcasting with Drupal 6 for iTunes and other Devices


The following are a set of resources that you need in order to start creating a podcast for Drupal 6.

As the Audio Module (http://www.drupal.org/project/audio) is not ready for production sites running Drupal 6, follow the instructions within this blog:

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