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Lightbox2 hiding or disabling flash when it loads

I recently had an issue with flash widgets, particularly the dynamic rendering module, being disabled when the lightbox launched/opened. I originally thought that this was an attribute of javascript and flash incompatibility or a layering issue (which is usually the case).

Upon clicking a thumbnail, the lightbox transition would begin and immediately the flash would disappear or be hidden.

pages, css, javascript, images not caching on site using ssl

I've been managing a pretty hefty CRM ( for a client which has always run pretty slow, but as the client has started using it more, the slow down became a huge issue.

Drupal Login/Logout Caching problem

I have intermittently experienced an issue with several of my drupal sites in which after logging out of the site the content still appears as if I were logged in. Pages would still appear editable, blocks that should only be seen by authenticated users could still be seen. A fix (that is in the works) can be found here:

Placing Secondary Links in a Block

When designing a custom theme I sometime want to put the set of secondary, or sub-page links, inside of a block in the sidebar. The secondary links are the children of the primary links, which you designate when creating the links.

Category / Taxonomy term links list

UPDATE: Yes, you now can use views to create a list of taxonomy terms. Updated versions of views allow you to choose the view type -which is no longer limited to 'node', you can now select from several different types of 'views' output - excellent!

If you, like me, thought that you could use the "views" module to create a list of all of the taxonomy terms in a certain category - you can't. Views only displays lists of nodes. So, here is the snippet of code that you need to create to that list of links (you could put it in a block):

TinyMCE - Excluding textboxes

These are the text boxes that I have excluded by default so far. It would be easier to just include the ones that you want - but that's not the way it's setup.

As I find more module specific text boxes that I want excluded, I will update the script here.

Maximum File Size

I always forget how to fix the maximum file size for uploading on drupal. Simply add this to your .htaccess file (which goes in the main folder of your drupal installation):

  php_value  upload_max_filesize  75M
  php_value  post_max_size  75M
  php_value  memory_limit  32M

or this for your php.ini file

 upload_max_filesize  = 75M
 post_max_size  = 75M
 memory_limit  = 32M

Registered Globals

Getting a registered globals issue when trying to install a drupal site on the shared hosting environment. Simple fix - should have written it down earlier, but resolved simply by adding the following code to the .htaccess file that is preset with the drupal site:

AddType x-mapp-php5  .php

First and Last Classes

This little chunk of code should be handy:

This will allow me to add first and last classes to menu items that are in blocks - which if I get this project that I am thinking of (where the designer is super anal) I can utilize this code:

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