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Not totally sure if this is appropriate, or if it has been done before by others: combining your professional and personal life on one site, but I figure there is already a ton of "about me" type information on this site - so why not add more. Plus, potential clients like transparency (I think) and content is king (the more the better).

Phil's Drupal Blog

As a website developer I have decided to work almost exclusively with the Drupal CMS. I will continually update this blog with information regarding my experience with Drupal, recipes and code snippets that are helpful along the way.

In my experience with Drupal I have found it sometimes difficult to interpret the help/notes/instructions given by other developers - hopefully the documentation here will be easier to understand than most.

Free Your Legs, VCI

Vein Care Institute Video Production

Mid 2010 I began video production work with Mackey Saturday for his client the Vein Care Institue, their website is

The switch to Drupal 7

The latest version of Drupal, Drupal 7, has been released for quite sometime now and I'm very pleased to have developed a few projects with this latest version of Drupal.


Importing and Exporting Nodes, Taxonomy and CCK Fields

How to merge content from two Drupal sites into one site

I just battled through two days of moving content from two unique Drupal installations into one, this is my experience.

Drupal 6 Views Attachment

Drupal 6 Views Attachment

It's been a long time since I've blogged here — I've been very focused on other business ventures, but alas, I am back. With my return to Blogging about Drupal I've brought along a book review for a recently published book Drupal 6 Attachment Views by J. Ayen Green.


Lightbox2 hiding or disabling flash when it loads

I recently had an issue with flash widgets, particularly the dynamic rendering module, being disabled when the lightbox launched/opened. I originally thought that this was an attribute of javascript and flash incompatibility or a layering issue (which is usually the case).

Upon clicking a thumbnail, the lightbox transition would begin and immediately the flash would disappear or be hidden.

Importing and Exporting XML data with Views and FeedAPI

Before I forget to post about it, I wanted to write about importing and exporting data using drupal, the Feed API, Views Data Source and the RDF Project (which I still need to investigate).

pages, css, javascript, images not caching on site using ssl

I've been managing a pretty hefty CRM ( for a client which has always run pretty slow, but as the client has started using it more, the slow down became a huge issue.

Things clients say that make website developers CRAZY! FCIP Meetup

Slide One - "Things clients do that  make web developers crazy!"

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the Fort Collins Internet Professionals Meetup, we changed up the format and had members of the group present several 5 minute presentations. The format, inspired by (or taken directly from) O'Reilly ignite format, requires each presenter to create a 20 slide presentation - each slide advancing automatically every 15 seconds.

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