Website Development and Video Production

Journey Multimedia, Inc. is a Greeley based company that offers website development and video production services.

Journey Multimedia develops exclusively for the Drupal content management system, a free, opensource web development platform used by goventment agencies and large corporations down to small businesses and bloggers. The Drupal framework allows us to develop very complex and feature rich sites that are robust and secure.

Examples of our work below include many complex systems including e-commerce (shopping), Education, Job and Resume listings, Blogs and Mobile Responsive Design.

Our video production services are perfectly suited for use on the web or dvd. Examples of our work include product demonstrations, interviews, client testimonials, and service promotionals.

For more information about our services please contact us. We're located in Downtown Greeley in the Macy Jones Collective at 922 8th Ave.


UPDATE: I work full time for these guys now: Project Ricochet, Drupal Development and Meteor Development

Work samples

Website Development:


HD Video Production: